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Sep 22, 2022, 02:40 AM by Temposonics
Temposonics, an Amphenol (NYSE: APH) company, announces the expansion of the Temposonics® E-Series IO-Link for industrial applications.

These linear position sensors with IO-Link are now available with multi-position measurement, enabling the detection and output of up to eight positions simultaneously.

The Temposonics® E series is suitable for the requirements of various industrial applications. Especially their compact design enables the use of magnetostrictive sensor technology in limited space.

In 2016, Temposonics was the first company to offer a complete range of magnetostrictive position sensors with IO-Link. The upcoming upgrade will continue this trend: the multi-position measurement with up to eight positions for a linear position sensor is presently only offered by the E-Series IO-Link from Temposonics. With up to four positions, the velocity value can be measured in addition to the position value.

By determining several positions on only one sensor, the need for additional sensors is eliminated resulting in streamlined measurement. It means that while maintaining precision, costs are reduced and processes are simplified.

For example, in the cutting and winding of materials such as paper and film. In such systems, several knives and trim tapes usually move on one rail. Until now, a sensor was used for each knife. Due to multi-position measurement, the positions of up to eight knives or trim tapes can now be monitored with just one sensor. The magnetostrictive and absolute position sensors of the Temposonics® E series IO-Link with multi-position measurement are the ideal solution for this type of system. The well-known advantages of IO-Link technology, such as fast initial commissioning and condition monitoring at every level of the machine through diagnostics down to sensor level, are still available. As before with the E-Series IO-Link, important parameters can also be set for the measurement and switching points can be output in parallel with the position or speed measurement.


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