The history of Temposonics begins in 1975, when the physicist Jakob Tellerman first uses the magnetostrictive effect for linear position measurement. He recognizes the advantages of ferromagnetic material for developing a non-contact and absolute measurement method.

This is the birth of Temposonics technology, the first Temposonics sensor and the Temposonics Inc. company in Plainview, NY, USA. 


Temposonics Inc. is acquired by MTS Systems Corporation and the MTS Sensors Division is formed. Temposonics remains the brand name for the measurement technology that characterizes the sensors. 

Introduction of the WA Sensor (Temposonics I)





MTS Sensors Division moves to an almost 4000m² building in Cary, NC, USA, which still today is used as the development and production site in the USA. 


MTS Systems Corporation acquires the H. Hellwig GmbH Technologie in Lüdenscheid, NRW, Germany. This marks the start of development, production and sales in Europe. 


Introduction of the Temposonics® II

Introduction of the digital output modules AK288 & MK292, which convert the displacement-proportional pulse transit time measurement of the sensor into standardized digital displacement values.


Temposonics' product range is growing. 

Many different designs have been developed to meet the challanges of different applications:
profile style, rod version for in-cylinder integration, with flexible rod and detached electronics.
The sensors are now red.


Introduction of the Temposonics® III Series



Introduction of the Level Plus®  M-Series Liquid Level Transmitters


Introduction of the Temposonics® MH-Series
The MH sensor model is the first magnetostrictive position sensor tailored for mobile hydraulics applications.


Introduction of the Temposonics® R-Series IV
The high performance series is the most innovative sensor solution for demanding applications. It is available in different versions and outputs, enables multi-position measurement with up to 20 magnets and is equipped with LEDs for sensor status and diagnostics.


Introduction of the Temposonics® C-Series
The new series opens the door to the automotive, medical and light-industrial markets.


Introduction of the Temposonics® GT2/3 Redundant Sensor
The position sensor with multiple redundancy has been developed to meet the challanges of enhanced safety applications.


The plant in Lüdenscheid expands. The production area doubles its capacity.


Opening of the Temposonics office in Shanghai, China.


Relaunch of the Temposonics® E-Series.
The compact position sensors are now available in different designs to meet the needs of various  industrial applications where space is a critical factor.


Relaunch of the Temposonics® GB-Series
After the successful launch in 2006, the GB-Series is now available with new innovative designs and features.


Introduction of the Level Plus® LP-Series Liquid Level Transmitters.